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On June 29th, our fellow GNYM member Megan Williams was a contestant on Jeopardy! She didn’t win, but she did make an impressive showing.


Megan invited a bunch of friends, including several Mensans, to join her at the Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn for drinks, conversation, companionship, and a half hour of answers and questions as we cheered her on to (it turns it wasn’t victory, but still…). After the show, Megan regaled us with behind-the-scenes stories of what actually goes on when filming the game show every Mensan seems to want to compete on.

This was taken June 3rd at Kykuit. There were two groups of Ms. One of the groups was the 'Young Mensans/Gifted Youth' members and their family/guardian/parent. That was a group of 16. This image shows the adult members group. There were also 2 guests not pictured. It was a beautiful day. The tour was interesting, but the company was the best part. I hope to see you all again soon.

-- Anton Spivak

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